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Tags: #digital-garden

Hey! Welcome to my website and personal wiki.

What’s this?

If you’re here for info about me, visit the homepage. If you’re interested in more polished writing, check the blog (if I ever get to write something better, that is). If you’re interested in my personal knowledge and work-in-progress notes, you’re in the right place!

Don’t like the colors? Take a look at the colorscheme page (not available on gemini, of course). You can choose any base16 color scheme you prefer.


This section of my website (“notes”) is my “second brain”, “digital garden”, “personal wiki”, or “working notes”. As you prefer to call it.

You’ll find random notes, class notes, links, work in progress guides, and more here.

To start browsing, check the notes homepage. You’ll find everything grouped by tags they belong to.

All notes have backlinking, so just click away!

Story time

I’ve come to realize that, right now, most of the stuff I write down is pretty sparse.

I (recently) started segregating each subject on a different repository and, while it surely has some advantages (such as different tooling for different subjects), the fragmentation and difficulty tracking them is a huge drawback. I have to create a repository, setup PDF building, clone on every computer, for each and every subject.

I’ve decided, thus, to re-centralize my notes. This time, in an organized way that I can publicly display, everything.

Technical nitty gritty

As you might have realized, I’m using jekyll for the entirety of my website, including the note section.

The theming and layout was mostly designed by myself, based on water.css.

Themes are managed and generated by nix-colors.


Gemini is a small web protocol, it is a really cool technology that aims to create a simpler web. This website has full gemini support (some hand-written, some automated through md2gemini).