My git repos

Source code for some of my projects

ICTexts for my scientific initiationMisterio
ModpackMy fabric minecraft modpackMisterio
capituloChapter for Open Source Business bookMisterio
flavoursAn easy to use base16 scheme managerMisterio6 weeks
nix-colorsModules and schemes to make theming with Nix awesomeMisterio
nix-configMy pretty nice NixOS/home-manager configurationMisterio4 weeks
nix-starter-configsSimple config templates to help you get started with nixMisterio
paste-misterio-meSimple pasting serviceMisterio
pmisCompanion CLI to paste.miterio.meMisterio
scgitcgit fork focused on providing semantic HTML pagesMisterio6 days
websiteMy personal website and blogMisterio